Welcome to this extraordinary and magical land and my beautiful retreat centre

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This is the land where Mary Magdalene and Jeshua lived in the South West of France.

Coming here is a transformational experience.The land is imbibed with the love of the Magdalene and Jeshua and is one big portal of light.

Astaria lives here and knows this land intimately.

These week tours are for people who want deep transformation

 through Astaria's connection with this land, its high frequency

 energies and her 25 years experience in the healing arts.

  Due to the Coronavirus        my retreat centre and      tours are closed for now

 I will keep you updated 

   Please still submit an         application form if you are                 interested




    Special Offer Online  

       Healing Sessions              € 80 euros for 1 hour                       


Maximum places 4 people for the tours

  • Included bed and  breakfast and dinner. Everyone has their own room.

  • Trips to the sacred places in this immediate area and time for integration and relaxation.

  • Breakfast and evening meal.

  • Transport to and from Carcassonne train station 14.30 pick up on start date.

  • Drop off for return journey 10.30 am at Carcassonne train station.


                               Prices for Tours

         5 Day Tour                  €1,000

         1 Week Tour               €1,600 

          Deposit                      €400

      Deposit to be paid 3 months before start date of Tour







Are you ready to have a transformational week at Astaria's retreat centre?

These tours are different to what others are offering.

We will connect with the land here and the sacred sites.She will encourage you to go deeply to make huge shifts for yourself with the help of the high vibrational energies.

Astaria will work intuitively so there will be no set agenda, this is infinitely more powerful.

You will be visiting however all the major sites.

This will truly be a magical week with the help of the mountain here and the energies of the Magdalene and Jeshua.

Are you courageous enough to make this commitment?

     A days tour for people

     Maximum 4 people


     €150 for a group

Also offering Bespoke Tours and Retreats based around your own requirements. Essential that you have your own car.

Price on application



How would it be to feel to be more your true authentic self, to have greater joy?

Can you imagine yourself being free of anxieties, old behavioural patterns?

How would it feel to let yourself feel out of control?

This in itself brings freedom.

 Would you like to feel healthy and to have your body start to regenerate?

I can help you with all these things and so much more.

We are now in a new paradigm where things have speeded up to such an extent that it no longer takes years to clear our old patterns, traumas etc, it is immensely quick and can often be dealt with in one or two sessions.

I offer Skype sessions €80

I also offer sessions from my house €80

For people who have not worked with me before I offer a 10 minute chat on Skype to see if we are both complimentary for each other.




It was a wonderful week with Astaria.The life in her beautiful stone house directly at the foot of the mountain Bugarach.It was very comfortable.


Astaria made music with wonderful instruments I feel that her heart is totally connected to them.

Everyone had a transformational healing from Astaria.

We were also alot in the silent nature.We swam in the lakes and the river with the thermal waters..


Our visit to the caves of the Magdalene and the other sacred sites touched me deeeply and has impowered me to trust in my life.Thank you for this healing week

September 2019

Monika Jeitler    Austria


About 3 years ago I came to this sacred area and visited Fountains des Amours where Mary Magdalene was reputed to have baptised people.I lay back on the rock there and was immediately transported to a dream that I had had in my early thirties, of a place with waterfalls and pristine water. At the time I had no idea where this place was.This was the place of my dream and that is why I am here to let people experience these high frequencies of light.

Now I live in a beautiful house opposite the sacred mountain Bugarach which is a huge portal of light. 


I love to take people out into nature to connect with the beauty, the wildness, the elements and the beloved Magdalene energies and other beings of light that are connected with the land here. It brings you back into your expansive self.

My passion is to help people move from pain and repetitive patterns to a more joyful life where you feel really alive and want to get up in the morning! 

I have been on my own deep healing journey for many years.It is a journey of wanting to be free to become completely me, my true authentic self free of the pain of the past.

Due to my own past I am able to help people who have experienced abuse.It is possible to move forward from this, to release the trauma.It no longer needs to be a life sentence.

I help activate the divine feminine.

The shamanic instruments are very much part of my work along with the voice as I find it truly connects people to an ancient part of themselves and they become alive. It is also a very effective way to clear stuck energies.

I have always been a highly intuitive person ever since I can remember and as a young child wise beyond my years.When I was in my twenties I was working as a chef and I began to become obsessed with my hands, my hands were trying to tell me something.A friend suggested that I sign up to learn massage and from there I never looked back.I realised that I had been given this healing ability and the universe wanted me to use it to help others. 

I have been working as a healer for 27 years and have been facilitating groups for 17 years in the UK. I always feel deeply privileged to work with each person, after all we are all aspects of the divine in a human body all needing help along the way.



1998     Reiki levels 1 and 2 

1996     1 year Shiatsu course – Devon school

2002     West Country Spiritual Healing

2004     Hazel Ravens European college of Vibrational Medicine

                      (Crystals and Sound)       

2004     Ashian Belsey’s Four Body Healing System

2007     Diploma in Hypnotherapy Institute of Natural Therapy

2008     Teaching certificate in Relax Kids Marneta Viegas London

2009     Reiki Masters with Karen Withers



I have a spacious recently renovated farmhouse in a hamlet a couple of miles out of the village Bugarach. It is quiet with a small wood and land to explore.

I have 4 bedrooms, two double rooms and a shared bathroom. One single room and one room with a double bed and a single bed in it also with another shared bathroom.

The Back of the House

 Kitchen Diner

Bedroom for 2 people

 Double Bedroom

Music and Meditation room

I have a beautiful cat that lives with me so this

tour is not suitable for anyone allergic to cats.


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me in caves with Woulters group