November 6, 2020

This is more of a personal blog but I wanted to share how miracles really do happen. For a while now I have been asking the universe for the right partner for me with whom I could share my journey with.

 I then let the request go and thought no more about it. About a mo...

October 1, 2020

Bugarach mountain is what I look out onto every morning when I wake. It is my daily mediation to connect into the centre of the mountain where I receive such deep peace and this immense love and gentleness. The mountain gives me a sense of perspective far greater than...

September 2, 2020

Today I connected on a deeper level with this astonishing land here. Peace has descended after the August rush.I have been on my own journey of having to go into deep stillness to help me cope with tooth pain which has been very challenging at times.I actually see it a...

July 30, 2020

It was lovely to take this beautiful lady to benefit from the healing energies of Fountaine des Amours.Before going I took her through an exercise to connect her up to her divine self and bringing her into her heart amongst other things .It is always important to prepa...

 For the first time I climbed up the path that is at the back of the mountain Bugarach. It is a tougher climb than the usual path but was incredibly rewarding. For a start it felt off the beaten path and was like entering into another world.The energies were very stron...

June 1, 2020

Well this photo seems to be appropriate for these times, taken on the road down from my retreat centre.I am aware that due to Lockdown all the sacred sites here and around the world have had time to breathe and clear out the endless imprint of people that descend on th...

May 1, 2020

In this quiet time I have been connecting on a deeper level with the Magdalene and the immense love that she embodies.I feel her strongly with me even more so since these times of Lockdown .I feel her grace and her deep love and honouring of each and every one of us.Of...

February 15, 2020

Apologies for the late posting for February but I have been travelling in India and have experienced some extraordinary places.This one in particular the Matrimandir situated in the south in a place called Auroville was the most incredible place I have ever visited.The...

January 4, 2020

 I was feeling the love of the trees today and the pristineness of the nature here.For me if I am tired I have only to go out and spend time in the forests or by the water, which ever I am drawn to. I will return revitalised, back to the joy and expansion.Nature is a r...

December 4, 2019

This place is a favourite of mine very near to where I live, close to the mountain.The rocks feel like they reach up to the sky and have a golden colour from the lichen, hence I call them the golden rocks. It is not merely their colour they actually feel golden to me.T...

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How much love do you actually allow yourself to receive?

 A day at the caves.

March 21st

These are the Magdalene caves which are one of my very favourite places to visit in this area.I always feel such love and enormous joy and nourishment when I visit here.About 10 days ago I took a friend and can only describe it as pure magic the whole experience. I lay back in the one of the caves and went into a very deep meditative place and  had the message, well how much love do you actually want to receive.It is one of those things in life how much love do we allow our selves to receive, something to ponder. I think for most of us we could actually receive so much more if we allowed love in. To me the energies here are of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.There is much talk of the Magdalene energies at the caves and in this area but many  people don't realise that Jeshua was here too in his light bodies and  it is about the divine feminine and divine masculine.

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