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Acceptance and into the Stillness

After 2 weeks of no internet I am finally reconnected. Strange really as energetically I would say I am now more connected as in connected with my higher self and my guides than I was before the internet went down. It became like a forced retreat which at first the ego was annoyed about of course. Gradually I let go and in letting go I dived deeply into stillness and my connection with the mountain here and my true wisdom. What a beautiful gift not to have the endless distraction of messages coming in and jobs to be done which involved using the internet. Of course when I really needed it I could get in my car and drive down the mountain. I was reminded of the things that are the most precious in life the things that sustain and nourish us like being in nature. Looking up at the clouds in the sky or connecting with the essence of a tree. takes us away from our minds and brings us right back into connecting to the real us, our higher self. When you do this you see that all is well with whatever is going on in the world and that the universe is truly in charge Our greatest gift to the planet right now is to stay connected to our higher self and take responsibility for any darkness within us so we can truly emanate our light out into the world. That my friends is the greatest gift to humanity.


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