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An early morning walk up to the top of the mountain

A few weeks ago I awoke to a beautiful clear sunny day and on the spur of the moment with nothing pressing to be done that day I decided to climb the steep but truly magical path to the top of Mount Bugarach.The climb takes you through beautiful  boxwood and oaks.It had rained in the night and the leaves of the boxwood twinkled in the sun where the rain drops lay.As I climbed I could hear the cattle bells tinkling as they m

I awoke to a gorgeous clear sunny day and after days of rain I was longing to get out.The mountain was calling me, the mountain that is like my companion, part of my life that I look out onto everyday through the changing seasons.Always beautiful, sometimes hidden in the mist but ever present.

I am blessed as the path up the mountain is near to my house so for once I don't have to drive anywhere.It had rained in the night so the light reflected in the dew drops on the boxwood trees.Previous to coming here I had only know boxwood as hedges that the English so admire in their gardens.I had never encountered the wild lanky boxwood in its natural habitat, a gnarled small tree with pretty small leaves. To me there is something very special about the boxwood tree a feeling of such lightness.The path at times can be quite steep and slippery with small stones but there is something very special about ascending the mountain which you don't get to see until you are about three quarters of the way up.That morning was unusual as one, there was not a breath of wind, and two there were no people..I had the place to myself which felt very magical.Finally after about and hour and half I was very near to the top.It is a strange feeling being at the summit I can only describe it as otherworldly and truly expansive with breathtaking views for miles around.It felt an honour to be up there connecting to this very ancient and remarkable mountain, famous for its UFO sightings.Still not a breathe of wind which is highly unusual.I felt enormous gratitude for this gift that morning, the sun no wind no people, just me and the mountain.

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