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Spring has sprung

Finally after a long and unusually wet winter according to folks around here spring is bursting forth with such vigour and beauty.It is fascinating to watch literally from out of my window to see how the mountain changes through the different seasons. What a privilege this feels.

I myself am now busy pointing the walls for the 2 new bedrooms which the wonderful Slovakian men have created.Now it is up to me now to do my bit with the walls, painting etc and then they will return to place wooden floors and finish off the bathroom.It has been busy and exciting to see the rooms coming to life before my eyes.These men work hard 11 hours a day.Their families are in Slovakia so they return to see them every 4 weeks

.I have also been busy planting a few fruit trees outside and have also planted the familiar sight in France of the Cyprus trees, 3 of them .Somehow or over they managed to fit into my car.

Where I have planted the trees is a patch of land that is in front of the house separated by a small road .This bit of land felt sad when I first arrived and unloved.It felt like I was reclaiming it and giving it some much needed love and attention.Happy trees and happy land now!

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