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Mists in the valley

One of the benefits of getting up early in the Autumn is to catch the morning mists that hang in the valley. Bizarrely though although I live at 667m above sea level often in the autumn and winter months we are warmer by about 4 degrees as apposed to down in the valley, purely because we have clear skies and down in the valley they are shrouded in mists and cloud.This can work in reverse though!

I love the silence up here, the depth of the peace and feeling the love that exudes from the mountain.

My near neighbours are hunters, they kindly gave me some wild boar, Sanglier as they call it. Although I will probably not eat it as I am not partial to porc I will give it to my family at Xmas.I will though very much honour the spirit of the boar. They are extraordinary looking animals, there is something very primitive about them and they seem to be an integral part of the land here.They have been around for thousands of years.I used to hear them at night whilst I was in my tent, rooting around, and after the initial fear I liked to connect with them.

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