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Magical gifts on my Birthday

On the 21st of March which was actually my birthday a friend and I headed off into the woods around Rennes Les Bains. Magda wanted to show me some more of the mystical sites.The woods were chestnut and pine and I felt a wonderful peace come over me as soon as we set forth. It also felt magical and I was aware of the nature folk observing us. We arrived at the Cercle de Source as it is called, a small spring set in a circle.This felt gentle and very light, there was a pixie feeling to it, some people associate it with the female.There are many stories around these places but I find that these can get in the way with actually connecting with what is there and receiving each places blessing. Next to it is what is called The devils chair and also the chair of Isis, what strange diversities of names!It was made out of rock but in the shape of an arm chair.I felt that the energies there were a little heavy so my friend and I set too to raise them, we wanted to make the place pure once again. We found the beautiful anemones down by the river in a wooded clearing as we sat down to have cake and a drink. I love the wild flowers here there is such an abundance of them.These were bright little stars to me.It was a special day and I felt great gratitude for all that I had received.

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