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The Church at Campagne

I love going to this special church but the expedition has to be organised as the church is locked and you have to arrange for it to be opened for you.Maybe because of this the church feels very looked after with a great feeling of tranquillity and lightness.In this church you can find a small statue of Christ being helped off the cross by a monk.Christ is obviously still alive as he looks into the eyes of his helper.Apparently there are records of there being many statues like this in this area but they have mysteriously disappeared.The truth that Christ did not actually die on the cross has been suppressed for hundreds of years.There is evidence in documents found in the church at Rennes les Chateau that Christ and Mary Magdalene lived in the Aude area for a number of years.This is one of the reasons that I love this area so, the Christ and the Magdalene energies are imbibed in the land here and what an incredible privilege that feels to me to be here.

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