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Dealing with Trauma

I have been working for the last few years with people who have trauma in their body which nowadays is unfortunately very common.When I work with people I actually know that there is trauma there as I can feel the stress but I actually feel the stress in their aura rather than in the body. With this feeling I am also aware that part of this person has disassociated themselves from this unpleasant experience and that a part of them is out of their body.I would say that it would be rare to find a person who is totally in their body with no part of them floating around the ethers in an attempt to never feel that pain again. Bringing these parts of us back though is important, we become more whole, grounded and clearer as people.When you come across a person who seems to be very ungrounded this is often a sign that various parts of them are not in their body. It is not always easy though to convince the child for after all that is what it is, that it is now safe to come back in.The child needs to be convinced that the adult will protect them and that the unpleasant experience will never happen again.This can sometimes take time and much patience and love is needed. When we bring these parts of us back in we are in effect bringing back in our higher selves to be embodied so it is an incredibly beneficial thing to do.

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